Australian Organic Skincare

  • Super concentrated

  • Super nourishing

  • Super effective



Revolutionize Your Skin Routine

From the heart of Australian nature a burst of plant nutrients and antioxidants concentrated in a few drops of product.

Having a more beautiful, healthier and younger skin doesn't have to be expensive and complicated.


SCOUT's innovative Australian skincare line revolutionizes your skin routine, making it easier and faster but extraordinarily effective.


  • Super concentrated . It contains a very powerful blend of active ingredients extracted from Australian plants and fruits (" Super Foods "), together with a very high percentage of aloe vera (instead of water).


  • Super nourishing . Super Foods have a natural content of antioxidants, minerals, and some of the highest concentrations of vitamins on the planet.


  • Super effective . Few products, few steps, few drops for concrete and tangible results after the very first applications.

Your Nails Deserve More

A nail polish FREE from harmful ingredients is not enough. Choose one designed and tested to FEED, CARE and REPAIR.

If the health of your nails is your priority, you will have noticed that on the market there are non-toxic nail polishes "free from" harmful or potentially harmful ingredients (the 3 free , the 5 free , and more recently the 10 free).


But now, the new generation of SCOUT's 16 free nail polish collection has finally arrived, the first ever in Italy.  With a truly innovative philosophy, SCOUT aims to overcome the distinction between 3, 5, 10, 20 free. A truly natural nail polish is judged on the basis of the richness of its bio-active compounds and not so much on the basis of being "free from" harmful substances, which by themselves should never enter its formulation.


Here is the innovation of SCOUT's nail polish collection: 16 free, vegan, cruelty free, GMO free, nourishing, and restorative.


SCOUT's nail polishes repair and revitalise your nails thanks to a powerful Super Food mixture based on bamboo isoflavones, broccoli seed extract, camelia seed oil and celery extract. A truly unique charge of vitamins and antioxidants! Also, they are breathable ... Never again that strange feeling of "film" on your nails.    





Plump, Healthy, And Protected Lips. And with a touch of glamour.

Pamper your lips with the exotic notes of Australian papaya ... Seduce them with the exclusive softness of a natural butter in a real shell ...

Discover Organic Island's Paw Paw Multi-use balm, a nourishing and smoothing balm that repairs, plumps and moisturises the lips with 3 active ingredients of ORGANIC PAPAYA .


Also an excellent complement to your make up. Plus, the Paw Paw is truly MULTIPURPOSE, super effective in the case of small abrasions, sunburn, insect bites, eczema or mild dermatitis. A MUST HAVE remedy in your beauty case at home or on the road, to address a variety of skin challenges .


And if you want to feel unique and trendy, sport an original Shell Lip Balm, a real shell collected on the magnificent Australian beaches. It contains a lip butter with eight natural certified organic ingredients. Take it anywhere with you in your bag. You'll keep your lips hydrated and  your friends will envy you!

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