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"Natural beauty shouldn't be complicated"

SCOUT is an Australian brand that offers a range of natural, vegan, cruelty-free and organic certified cosmetics, including skincare, make-up and nail polishes.


SCOUT was founded in 2008 by Sylvie Hutchings who, unable to find natural and at the same time effective cosmetics on the market, decided to create a range of non-toxic, ethically and sustainably sourced products, but still high in quality and performance thanks to the latest innovations in cosmetic science.


A cancer survivor, Sylvie believes firmly in clean beauty products capable of making people look and feel beautiful.


These values ​​are at the heart of the SCOUT philosophy, to which Sylvie contributes with all her experience in natural therapies and her passion for colour cosmetics and fashionable trends.

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  • SCOUT cosmetic range leverages the latest advances in anti-ageing cosmetic science to deliver visible and effective results on the skin while enhancing its natural beauty, thanks to the unique properties of natural plant-extracted organic ingredients. Unlike most skincare products whose formulas are diluted with water, SCOUT’s infused blend of Super Foods is highly concentrated in ALOE VERA, which brings to the blend its own skin-quenching characteristics and benefits. This makes the SCOUT skincare range the ultimate answer for any woman looking for a natural and certified organic skincare solution which is truly effective from the first applications.

  • SCOUT is certified organic by both COSMOS and ACO (Australian Certified Organic), whose stringent accreditation provides for strong independent assurance that beauty products contain no genetic modification, irradiated ingredients, or harmful plastics (known as nanoparticles). They also assure that ingredients are ethically produced and genuinely organic, that the production process did not involve any animal testing, and that product packaging is sustainable. 

  • One fundamental characteristic of SCOUT cosmetic products is that they are free from toxic substances. More exceptional, though, are the skin nourishing properties of the SCOUT product range, leading to enhanced and rejuvenated skin tone and texture as in the case of SCOUT skincare products, or to stronger and healthier nails as in the case of SCOUT breathable and nourishing nail polish collection. 


The SCOUT skincare range represents a true novelty in organic cosmetics.


Highly concentrated in organic extracts from Australian botanicals and fruits (boosted by the enhancing properties of the aloe vera juice), free from synthetic, toxic, or animal-derived substances, delivering visible results from the first applications, the SCOUT skincare range respects the skin natural function with its soothing textures and pleasant scents.


SCOUT nail polishes are UNIQUE in their field.


16 free (they do NOT contain harmful or potentially harmful chemicals), vegan, cruelty free, GMO free.


They are FREE of artificial perfumes and preservatives.




They REPAIR damage and HYDRATE the nail thanks to a blend of plant-based ingredients such as bamboo, broccoli seed oil, camellia oil and celery extract .


They are therefore the ideal choice for those who want healthy nails, yet still fashionable, shiny and impeccable.

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